Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Milk glass}

I headed out last Saturday morning with  my little chickadee and my mom to hit a few garage sales! And tho it was cold and rainy I managed to find one sale that definitely did not disappoint.

We pulled up and I could just feel it.....this was my type of stuff. Call me old fashioned or what have you, but I love digging through some of "granny's" stuff! If you know what I mean. And dig away I did, through all of the needlepoint and doily cuteness! ( yes those things are precious to me and are a lost art!) I found some precious pieces to use in the girls' rooms! Along with an adorable milk glass lamp!

When I went up to the front to pay for my precious bounty....I began talking to the little lady! I had a set of six milk glass cups that I was going to buy and she began asking me if I was a dealer. Come to find out  this lady and her husband were dealers, and she told me of all their travels and where they would go to find "stuff" .....yada yada yada! I began to tell her that I had hopes and dreams of one day being a "junker" myself and that I am constantly just passing stuff up that would be great stuff to sale, but that I can't possible buy everything that I see because I don't have the room! I explained that I didn't feel this was the right season of life to pursue a career as a "professional junker" mainly because of my young-ens!

This sweet gem of a lady looked at me and said "there is something I want you to have to go along with your cups! "

She got up went in to her kitchen, and came back out with something that made my heart sing! A beautiful milk glass pitcher that went with my cups! She had pulled this out of her kitchen cabinets to give to me. She told me that it belonged to her grandmother, and she just never could part with it, but she insisted that I have it. I was stunned. I mean when someone tells you that something belonged to their grandmother and insists that you have pretty well leaves you speechless! I insisted on NOT taking it because ....well it was here grandmothers for pete's sake! ........But she wrapped it up and placed it in my box with the rest of my stuff.

The sweet lady encouraged me to chase my dream, and that the right season will come a long for me to pursue it. I have always felt that in my heart, but it was just sweet coming from this sweet little stranger.

I dream of the life of a professional junker! I am a frequent visitor at MANY estate sales and auctions and such. My mom and I just kind of laugh because we are at these sales with the same people week in and week out that have shops and such of their own. And here we are just doing it for the thrill of what we can find!

I know that one day if it is meant to be then my dream will naturally just flourish into something beautiful that fits right into our family life. But until then..... I think I will just wait!

But when sweet Granny gives you something that she insist on you having......just humble yourself and take it! I am thankful for these kind of people that I cross at these sales I go to, because it is just constant reassurance to me that this passion of mine will someday come to life in the right season!



Grace said...

What a story! That is awesome! And I agree with "Granny" that you should chase your dream! I have recently joined the Etsy family and the two things that I've sold back to back are vintage items. There is a real demand for those things, "cast-off", well-made and cherished items are so popular right now! You could always start small with something like that and let it grow with you as time allows. You have such an eye for picking out great treasures. I know you'll do well whenever your dream turns into reality!

Love you!

Blessings, Grace