Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Big Girl!

Okay, I will admit it it has been way to long since my last update! ....Actually I think I am keeping up with my trend very well! .........And this post is way overdue because it is actually old news to us, but it will be new news to you all! ( maybe, if there is anybody left who has not given up on me and still reads this!)

Our little Ava is Potty Trained! This has been in the works for a few weeks now. She started taking interest in the potty a long while ago and I never really aggressively tackled the issue. A few weeks ago, I had a three day weekend and we actually stayed home for the most part, so I thought I would give it a whirl! I was pleasantly surprised at how well Ava did.

She is pretty well trained in the area of #1, and we are still working on the #2 department. I hear this is the most challenging. I am not too worried at this point, because she is already way ahead of the curve in the potty training department.

My goal is to make a sticker board or something to that sort, for the bathroom as a reward for going #2 in the potty. The child loves stickers!

I must say her panties are the cutest and littlest things I have ever seen! Her favorite by far are her Dora ones that her Abuelita, "Lita" gave her. And her little hiney in them is just precious.

I am learning that being potty trained does not necessarily make things easier, especially in public. When the child says "TT" that means now mamma!

And then there is the whole public restroom dilemma! YIKES! I am already phobic about public restrooms anyway, and adding a curious toddler to the mix is even more frightening. She does not understand yet that touching a potty at home does not mean we can touch the pottys in public. We are both learning, and I have put the Clorox wipes people back in business because I carry them in my purse and wipe the seat down. There has to be an easier way.

I think my clever husband may be on to something. Last week we went out to eat and Ava announces that she needs to "TT." So I look to David and say why don't you take her. He said seriously in the men's restroom they are always gross. And again I said yes.

So they get back and I asked how it went and he said "Great!"

I am thinking, not one of my public restroom experiences have ever been great with her, so what made his so GREAT. In the mean time my clever dad who was with us says, "you weren't suppose to use the urinal!" Funny dad!

David said he just had her stand on the seat while he held her and she squatted and went TT.

At first I was thinking, what in the world, and then it clicked, that is not a half bad idea! I can always depend on David to come up with stuff like this. Thanks babe!

On another Big girl note Ava is in a big girl bed! She has been since April! I told you this was way old news!

I found her the most precious English Antique Youth Day bed. It is soooooo cute. It came complete with a custom mattress and several sets of bedding. The size of the bed is larger that a crib, but shorter than a twin, so it was very helpful that everything was included. I turned the bed around to where the back rail is in the front to keep her from rolling out of bed.

I was not sure how Ava was going to do with her new bed, but she did great! I think because of the way I have it set up, it still has the cozy crib feeling to it!

The other morning I was getting ready for work, and in her monitor I heard her box fan turn off, and the she started saying " Mornin Mamma!" She said this like 4 times before I went in there and found her standing so proud and accomplished in the middle of her floor. How sweet!

The pharse "they grow up way too fast," is starting to bring meaning into our lives!

Ava we love you and we are so proud of the things you have already accomplished. We know that the Lord has great plans for you in all that you are ever going to do! Love you! Momma