Saturday, March 20, 2010

gOoD nEws!

Yesterday we got some great news from our renters!

Originally their lease went through Aug..........BUT they called and are needing out in June!

So.........we get to move back in 2 months earlier than expected.

This comes with a bitter sweetness........of coarse we will LOVE being back in our own place, BUT it has been a blessing to get to share Ava with my mom and dad, and my grandfather; who lives with my parents.

Yes, it has been a crazy ride, and a  bit crowded at times, but the relationship that Ava has gotten to establish with her Grandma, Pops and Papa is one that will be cherished forever.

So in a few short months........we will be back in our as one CuTe little family! I must say that there is something great to say about living with always have help!

Thanks Mom and Dad ( Grandma and Pops) for opening up your home to us!

......As I was browsing my pictures to find one of our house, I came across one of my favorite pictures of Ava!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love that spring is finally almost here!.....In Texas it pretty much is here already!

Of course I love spring because of all of the crisp newness that is in the air, the blooming flowers and whatnots......BUT  I mostly love spring because it means the start of my thrifting season begins.

This morning was an absolutely beautiful and perfect morning to venture out to some local estate sales that were happening.

On another exciting note; my sister and her families farm was featured in an article in the Texas Live Magazine! I am so excited for them and the amazing growth that their farm is experiencing.