Monday, January 30, 2012

{Here's to blogging again}

Whew! I never knew that a break from blogging could give me such a feeling of freedom! B U T,  I think I am going to get right back into the saddle and start blogging again. I kind of reached my "wits end" with blogging in general for a while. And mainly. I think it was just a heart issue of mine that I needed to sort out.

I have had some conversations with my  much wiser than me older sister, about this whole "mommy blogging" trend, and she so beautifully summed it up {HERE}

A few quotes that touched me the most:

"Frankly, I just didn't want to be a part of fighting this battle in my own heart of needing an audience outside of my home or be a part of "feeding" into that for someone else."

"I think the thing to embrace here is for those of us who choose to be a part of blogging is to extend grace towards one another AND to ourselves. We shouldn't read blogs and leave with the feelings of discontentment or that we're lame losers because we don't do (fill in the blank) in our homes, with our families, or in our kitchens. We must know that we are only seeing a glimpse of someones life and what they want you to know. Not the entire story. Playing games of comparison with other women who you really don't know entirely and accurately is harmful and a waste of our time."

So.....with that being said, I am jumping back into this blogging thang' with a new perspective and with a lot more grace!

Tho my life feels really lame and boring some days, to say the least,  I have realized that there IS lots of life  being lived in my home, and what a great way to journal these precious moments.

I love going back and looking at past post, and reminiscing about a certain picture, a funny story or a special craft Ava and I sat down and did together.  It is one more way for me to embrace this life that is being lived in our home.........and come July we will really have some more life to embrace, with the arrival of another bundle of joy! ( i am sure there will be many post to follow about this little bundle!)

So here's to blogging in 2012! May this blog be a reflection of our life, that is full of perfect imperfections! A blog with no obligations, and a blog that extends grace towards myself and fellow bloggers!