Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We be bloggin'

Okay, Okay, I know everyone is doing it, and WE ARE TOO!! We have officially joined the blogging world! But first I must confess, I have been into this blog thing for a while. I have been a blog stalker!! Okay I have come clean!

I decided that we have something way too cute living under our roof to not share with the rest of you..................

This is Ava Joy!!! She is now 5 months! She has brought so much love and JOY into our lives. We cherish every minute that we spend with her. I must say she has the sweetest disposition. Being a mother has completely impacted and changed the way that I live my life. It is a beautiful earthly demonstration of our heavnly fathers love for us. When I think of how much I love Ava, I cannot help but remember that I have a heavnly father that loves me more than I can comprehend.

Well this is the start of our blog ...and hopefully the start of something good. I have not realized how rusty my writing skills have become, maybe this blog will help improve them a bit.

Here are some recent pics of Ava hope you enjoy!