Sunday, December 12, 2010

{Merry} {Christmas}

Well I figured it was about time to visit this ol' blog here and post an update!

I have finally managed to be "done" with decorating for Christmas. By that, meaning it is what it is this year.  There are some pretty fancy pants Christmas decorations out there in blog land this year, and I have decided to not compete with those ideas! ( though most of them are brilliant and fabulous!) here is a run down of what our house looks like for Christmas this year, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!! ................And I am pleased to say, I bought no new Christmas decorations this year.....I just pulled together the stuff i already had!

This is my mantel!  This is by far my most favorite thing to decorate during Christmas!! I used the existing window, frame and ceiling tin that was already on my mantel, and just added some Christmas spirit around it. I purchased this Nativity set last year from Dayspring and I {LOVE} it! .........It is especially beautiful at night, when the silhouettes are lit up.

For our tree this year we opted to do a real tree! .....This was a GREAT decision. We have an artificial tree that is 9.5ft is a beast to decorate I tell ya! .....So we went to the local tree farm here, and purchased a smaller real tree, and it has been perfect! ......Now we just have to remember to keep it watered. I donned the tree with the existing ornaments that I had, and added some burlap garland. I love this stuff! I will be purchasing more of it after Christmas to go on my tree next year. You may be wondering what is with the Cowboy hat at the top of the tree......well my star was MIA this year. I have no idea where it wandered off to. This was my husbands solution ......and I think it looks pretty cute.

I used an old shutter and some suitcases to display our Christmas cards! 

Although I really am missing my stockings hanging from our fireplace, I decided that was just not very practical for us. We build lots of fires during the winter ( maybe that is a product of being married to a fireman!) in the years past it was a constant battle of taking the stockings up and down. So this year I went with something a little more low maintenance and I love the outcome!

I am really not a big fan of decorating my whole house for Christmas, but I did add some little touches to our bedroom. I love the simplicity of this cute little set up.

On a more important note, this is our center piece for our dining table. Yes it is baby Jesus. This is Ava's good deeds manger. The idea for this is, thinking of ways that we can give to Jesus on his birthday. Each day when Ava does something good on her own without being prompted, she gets to add some hay to the manger. So hopefully come Christmas morning, baby Jesus will have a soft warm bed to lie in built by Ava having a "happy heart!" She has caught on to this and absolutely loves it.

I hope you all are enjoying the coziness and happiness of the season of Christmas.  There is no greater time of the year to reflect on our Saviors goodness and mercy.

Merry Christmas!