Saturday, June 12, 2010


( pic was taken at my best friends wedding in April)

Well I figured that is was about time to update this blog of mine! I have taken a little hiatus from the blogosphere! I was becoming a little overwhelmed with the blog world. Of coarse I have still been reading my  "must have" blogs, but a little break was definitely needed.

So......let's see, what have we been up to???

In a few short weeks we will be moving back into our house. I think my heart just skipped a beat typing that! We are soooo excited. There really is no place like home. For those of you that have been keeping up with the " we will be selling our house saga,".....yes our house is still for sale. We will continue to leave it on the market when we move back in. It may sell fast, it may not! Whatever happens is well with our soul. I love my house, and it is prefect and fine for us, we are just hoping we can upgrade to something larger with room to roam!

On another fun SuMmer note....Ava started swimming lessons this week.

I finally had my I am so proud and in awe of my little Ava moment. Yes, I have always been proud and in awe of her....every single day. BUT this week it was taken to a whole new level. A big girl level!!! You see, her mommy decided it was best to put her in the preschool ( ages 3-5) class instead of the waterbabies class ( ages 18months- 2) With Ava being right on the cusp ( almost 3) I decided that she needed to be with the preschool class. This is a class where the parents are not in the water with them. We talked about it with her the week before, prepping her and telling her she would be swimming with her friends and her teacher.

I am pretty sure on the first day of class I was WAY more nervous than she. BUT when her name was called to go line up with her class for the very first time her face lit up! She got up, walked over there and said "bye mommy!" There was just something about watching her cute little swimsuit booty walk over there that made me a little teary!

And then it was time to get in to water! ......She did it! ( she could barely touch, compared to the others in her class, but she held her own!)

I don' think she quit smiling the entire class! I mean like ear to ear grin.

We sat and watched in amazement of this little girl that she has become. I felt like on of "those" parents, you know ...the "that's my kid!"

On another summer note, we are headed on vacation next week! We rented a little cabin on the river in the hill country! I will be sure to update with pics when we get back. ( I don't want to say where we are going till we get back, just in case there are any weird blog stalking crazy people out there! :)

I will leave you with some pics of Ava at her swimming lessons! And I promise to be back with an update soon.