Monday, April 11, 2011

Scrubbing into SpRiNg

Well not much has been going on in this nest other than a lot of scrubbing. I have scrubbed and de-cluttered almost every nook and cranny of our house. And let me tell you I was surprised by all of the "yuck" ( for lack of a better word) that I found.

I use to think I was pretty diligent about keeping my house clean, and honestly at surface level I am. BUT once I started moving furniture and appliances to clean behind them......oh my yuck!!!

If you ever want to do something that will make you feel like you accomplished something BIG......pull your stove out from the wall and clean behind it, and down the sides of it. I felt like my house was 10x cleaner when I was finished.

..............And while doing this I learned something that was life changing for me...........

Did you know the knobs on the front of your stove come off?????? I may be putting myself out there to look like a complete dummy.....and I am okay with that. But seriously it is almost as if I heard the angels in heaven singing when I discovered this. I have scrubbed around these things with a toothbrush only to be disappointed that I could not get all of the junk out. But not any more .....I will probably pull these little beauties off and clean them everyday.....why???  Because I CAN!!!!

And it is always nice to have a cute little helper nipping at your heals. Okay....I will be honest sometimes ( well most of the time) is frustrating, but I am learning to embrace this time with her. She loves to clean with mommy......and I know one day that will not be the case.