Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Beach!!

This year we went to Corpus Christi for Thanksgiving here are a few of my favorite pictures of Ava that I captured on the beach on our way out of town! I have many more pics to share of our wonderful Thanksgiving that I will get to in a few days!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

{ No Words...}

There are no words to describe the amount of Thankfulness my heart is filled with for getting to look at this face everyday!

Hope you all have a wonderful {ThAnKsGiViNg}

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A {HuMbLe} find!

At the request of my wonderful sister I am inclined to write this post. This past Saturday my mom and I ventured out to another city wide garage sale in a nearby small town. ( these are always the best!) Although I did not find too many things, I did happen upon something that tops all of my other finds. This was something that I LEAST bit expected that I would ever find, let alone own. I have entertained that thought of owning one of these one day but it was not going to be any time soon because of their hefty price. This is something that will help us on our quest to healthy and a more natural way of living. So what is it ? THIS..............................

This is a grain of the top of the line ones I might add! ( i paid $25.00 for it, they retail at near $400) I was in complete shock when I found this thing. The only reason I really even recognized it was because my sister just posted about one HERE! (She just received one for her anniversary last week.)

Now a little bit of background as to why this is amazing! I have been having some very terrible issues with digestion. By issues I am not talking about typical IBS symptoms, although that is all any doctor would probably diagnose me with. I am talking about a stomach pain bad enough to make me feel like I am having a contraction. These pains usually last for about 1 whole hour and are constant, not come and go. I have been able to possibly link this to my bodies inability to digest wheat products properly. Lately have have been doing my fair share of research about this and seeking answers. It has been my hearts desire to find a way to rid my body of this rather than start taking some pill. I have covered this issue with much prayer asking the Lord to show me what direction I need to take in order to find healing. I know that he can heal my body of this, and I believe he will. But I also feel that he is teaching me LOTS of things during this whole process.

I am sure you are wondering how a wheat mill ( or grinder) is going to help with all of this. I am by no means a scientist, but I will try and explain this to the best of my ability.

This is all so new to me and I am trying to do a little more research to make this a natural thought process for me, rather than something that I have to think really hard about for it to make sense! So here it goes.

After wheat is harvested we are left with whole kernels or wheat berries that are then refined or milled into flour. The milling of wheat is a process that breaks down the grain, which consist of three parts, the endosperm, the bran and the germ. The bran layer is where nearly all of the fiber is. It is also a great source of magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins E and B complex. The germ layer contains high amounts of protein and large amounts of the same vitamins and minerals in a high concentration.

Grinding wheat using any process will produce flour, but the refining process has evolved into something that is not necessarily the best. The modern refining process strips the grain of its bran and germ layers, striping it of it's vast majority of nutritional value. These are removed to give the wheat a longer shelf life. The flour that we see in grocery store is then bleached using chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide......( the same thing that is used to treat acne....why is this in our food???)

Considering the lack of nutritional value and the addition to chemicals, I am convinced that grinding your own wheat is the way to go!

This leads me to the topic of phytic acid in wheat. (I know this all sounds very scientific but bear with me.) Phytic acid is something that exits in large quantities in whole grains. It is said that this can inhibit the bodies ability to absorb key vitamins and minerals. Phytic acid is also something that the body has an inability to break down. In order to rid wheat products of the phytates you have to ferment your flour. ( this will be a future post, once I learn at little more!)

I am not sure what all of this means to me, I am still learning. I DO firmly believe that I did not just happen upon this wheat mill, or that is was coincidence, I believe it was God giving me a tool for my healing. I am still amazed and humbled at HIS ability to provide.

And the best part is, now my sister and I get to learn the ropes together. Are you ready Lyns?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A new fashion statement!

This weekend I did something that I NEVER thought that I would do...............................

I went hunting with David and I wore camo!! What is this world coming to! ...And I have to admit I had a great time. David and I usually have fun together no matter what we are doing, as long as we are together, but I never saw this day coming NEVER! I was raised with a dad who is an avid hunter....I mean like camo is his favorite color, and I never had an interest in any of this growing up, but I guess it is different with my husband. I am learning to take interest in some of the things he likes. He is so great doing ALOT of things that I like, so this was the least that I could do for him.

There was just something magical about sitting in the woods with my husband with no other distractions enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. Really it was magical. I brought along "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore ( wonderful book!), to read while we waited for our bounty. Let me just make this clear.......I just go along to SIT with him and give him support and company! I am acutally scared of shooting guns! ( although I would love to learn to bow hunt one day!)

We didn't gain any bounty BUT I think all in all we gained some great quality time together. We got to enjoy a sunset and a sun rise. Yes, that is right a sun set AND a sun rise. Not only did we go hunting once we went TWICE! ( only for a few hours each time!)

Thanks babe for letting me experience this piece of your world with you, I really had a blast!!!