Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Pics!

This past weekend we enjoyed spending time with friends and family in Grand Prairie. We spent time with our special friends the Ahlstedt family. We had some fun times of love and laughter! We miss this family sooooo much. This used to be our choice of friday night entertainment when we lived in Grand Prairie. We always cherish the time we spend with this family.

We also got to spend Ava's first easter with Davids mom and dad ( Nana and Papi ) , Grandma Celia and Aunt Karen. We enjoyed easter service with them at our old church. We got to see so many people that we have not seen in a while, and they got to meet our sweet Ava.

Here are some pics ENJOY!!!

Nana and Papi

Aunt Karen

My first piano lesson with my Abueltia (great-grandmother)

Auntie Jalah ( we love this girl!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

You should really check out this website it is really fun! Who knew I could look like this beautiful woman. We won't mention who some of Davids matches were..Clay Aiken! HAHA I guess this isn't really that accurate!

MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph - Free genealogy - Family history

Monday, March 3, 2008

Talking and Teething

Ava has changed so much within the last few weeks! She had her six month Dr's appointment a few weeks ago and she weighed a whopping 14.6 lbs!! She is such a little petite girl. The Dr said she is growing just fine and is right on schedule.

Yesterday I felt in her mouth before leaving for church and I felt a tooth! I knew she was teething, because, well being a dental hygienist I knew what to look for. I knew it would not be long before she had a tooth. You would never guess she is teething because she is still laughing and smiling. She is such a sweet and happy baby.

As for the talking part...well she just comes by that naturally thanks to her daddy!
The other day I was feeding Ava in her room and in walks David. She looked up at him and in the sweetest little whisper voice said "Da." She has since done this several times when she sees her daddy. I love that my little girl already has a special place in her heart for her daddy. There is just something so special about a father and daughter relationship. David is so proud of his little "princess."

We can't wait to see whats next on our parenting journey!