Sunday, September 21, 2008

We have BIG news!!!

We finally got Ava's ears pierced!!! I have been putting this off for..... well about a year now, and I finally got up the nerve to do this on Friday. I wish I had done this earlier because she is just so precious with her little earrings. The process went something like this......

We were out driving around Friday afternoon, running errands and I turned to David and said "hey lets go get her ears pierced."

David turned to me and said " that would make my day!!"

Side note: David has been wanting to do this for a very long time, and I have been the reluctant one. He is so precious about his little girl being a girly girl!

Anyway....... We went to the mall, and I knew that we better go in the entrance closest to the piercing place, because any extra travel time could give me time to make a run for it with my sweet little girl in tow.

We show up at the place, and I told the sweet girl behind the counter that we wanted to get our daughters ears pierced. ( AKA we are here to let you poke some holes in this precious girls ears and make her scream bloody murder.... I mean shots are bad enough but they are not optional. )

The girl looked at Ava and said " okay, well the second gunner just went to lunch, but she will be back in an hour." *** For those of you not familiar with ear piercing lingo, this means that there are two people doing the piercings at the same time to make this "less traumatic."

I said "oh.... okay well, maybe we will be back in a hour."

Okay when you decide to do something like this on the spur of the moment, the last thing you want to do is wait an hour to do it.

So we leave the store and proceed to walk around the mall for an HOUR!!! All the while I am making up all these scenarios in my head on what might happen to her if we pierce her ears... they might get infected, she might pull them out and swallow them, other kids might beat up on my already tiny child and pull them out of her get the point. But I continue to keep my composure and go with the plan that we are going back to the place in an hour.

I decided that it might be a good idea to have a tasty Sonic drink ( cranberry limeade ) ready for Ava, so we can offer it to her while she is screaming. ( I mean who wouldn't like a sonic drink after having 2 needles shoved through your ears ???)

Well, after all of this drama WE DID IT!!!! ( myself included!)

They pierced her ears, she screamed for maybe 30 seconds, and then was happy with her sonic drink. By the time we paid and got cleaning instructions she was smiling and waving bye to the sweet girls who just caused her pain!!!!

As we were leaving the mall I looked over to my sweet husband and he was pushing the stroller grinning from ear to ear. ( how sweet!)

Here are some more pictures of our big girl with her earrings.

Daddy's little princess!

Ava's 1 year pictures

Ava with her Sunshine

These are some of the pictures that my sister took last month. My sister is sooooo talented!!! She is pretty stinkin' amazing! Thanks Sunshine! We love you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We are back!!!

Okay okay you can all stop with the hate comments!!! I have finally decided to update our blog. We have been without computer access at home. We are at my parents house today and I thought it would be a great time to update the blog!!

Alot has happend in the Aldape household within the last few months. Last month we celebrated Ava's first birthday. Because there are sooooo many people that love this sweet little girl, she got to have two birthday parties. She had a party at her Nana and Papi's house in Grand Prairie, and a party here in College Station. They were both swim parties, since the girl LOVES to swim.

Ava is and has been for over two months, officially a walker!! She started walking in July. July the 4th to be exact. How appropriate that she started walking on Independence Day! ( she really tries to be an independent big girl! ) I find myself busier since Ava is walking, and trying to run. She is in to EVERYTHING!!! But it keeps life interesting. I have to say I much prefer walking over crawling though....... mainly because it is my excuse for getting to buy here cute shoes, and let me tell you the girl loves shoes. The other morning I was putting her shoes on her and she got so excited and was laughing so hard she tooted on my leg!!! How cute!

On top of her shoe fetish she also loves purses!! She is a 100% girly girl . Before we leave the house she goes over to her toy basket and gets her purse and wears it on her arm. What can I say I am already a great mentor to this little girl ..... she has already learned so much by just watching mommy! I cannot be more thrilled to be the mother of such a precious little girl.

Daddy's little cowgirl!!

Big girl on her bike!!!

Playing with mommies shoes