Sunday, March 4, 2012

We've been {painting}

....painting by numbers that is! I recently re-discovered the beauty of paint by number pictures, not to mention the relaxation in brings to this momma during her "down time!" Ha, but really what is down time when the duties of running a home are ongoing and never ending. There is always a load of laundry to fold, a dishwasher to unload and floor that needs mopped, etc! BUT putting  all of the chores aside, I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted/needed something to do that would bring me relaxation and satisfaction.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of paint by number pictures on my treasure hunts at various garage sales and thrift stores. It crossed my mind the other day that painting by numbers could very well bring me the relaxation and satisfaction that I was seeking. I went to good ol' Hobby Lobby and who knew ....they have paint by number kits! I also purchased Ava a children's paint by number so  she could work right alongside momma.

I was very impressed when Ava sat for a very long time concentrating on her little piece of art, making sure she had ever inch of white space filled in with the appropriate color. I am all about finding activities for kiddos that help develop a good attention span! I would HIGHLY recommend this activity for kiddos! I had very low expectations of her completing her painting....but once again she surprised me! ( she has a way of doing this! )

I never want to forget these precious little hands, and how they gripped that paintbrush so tight making sure she didn't mess up.

I will say on the adult paint by will open it up and think "oh my goodness!" I need a magnifying glass to see all of these millions of tiny little numbers! But once you get going, and focus on a little section at a time it's easy peasy!  

This is what I have completed so far! Let me just start by saying I am by no means any type pf artist! That is what is great about paint by numbers. As long as you can follow directions, you can paint a beautiful piece of art. I impressed myself. This is coming from a momma  who draws a dog for her kiddo only for her to ask "what is that?"

I knew whatever I painted, I wanted to incorporate into Ava's new big girl room. ( She is switching rooms, so she can give her room to her baby sister!) When I saw this floral print at HL, I knew it would fit perfectly with the "vintage" girl room I had in mind for her. I am all about finding the sentiment in small things, and I am hopeful that this is something that Ava will treasure.

.......on another note! As a true thrift-er at heart, this is by far one of my favorite times of year. Spring time is when I normally find my best treasures of the year, thanks to the many garage sales, flea markets and antique festivals.

My sister and I ventured out to the quaint little town of Round Top, for a day of city wide garage sales. And they did not disappoint! Is it just me, or is everything that happens in Round Top just the absolute best or what!!! It is such a GEM of a town.

Here is part of my "vintage" bounty for Ava's room! I can't wait till the board and batten, and painting are done in her room, so I can move on with the decorating part. ( I think Ava is a girl after her momma's own heart, because I think she is as excited as me about this!) She loved looking at all of the vintage pretties that I brought home for her new room.

Happy almost Spring to you! go buy you a paint by number, you know you want to! Really I challenge you to find the inner artist in you!


5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

sis! it looks sooooo good! i love your painting!

and it was fun junkin' with you. your treasures are going to look beautiful in your home!

love you guys!

Grace said...

Love all your vintage pretties! Love you!