Sunday, September 27, 2009

New weekend beauties

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This weekend I was able to land some beautiful finds at some beautiful prices. We had a very low key weekend with very little plans ( for a change!) ......We ventured out to Brenham, TX to see my sister and my favorite nieces on a whim. Then we ended up heading on over to Round Top to make a few stops.We were not expecting to do this which was a BIG deal for me! Round Top is something that I have to prepare myself mentally for, because it can be VERY overwhelming. .....None the less we went. As always I saw many beautiful things that I could have bought. But I like to wait and make any possible big purchases till the last day ( which is next Sunday) There is a better chance of getting a better deal! And I will hope for rain....sounds crazy, but I have landed some pretty awesome deals at Round Top in the rain! .....I guess the dealers are not wanting to load up all their stuff they have not sold in the rain.

I found a beautiful linen table runner for Ava's room, and a very cool pear cutting board! I looked at the price tags at first and passed them up because it was just not "cheap" enough for me. Upon exiting the tent I saw a sign that said "All items 50% off!" .......And instantly the price was right.

Within 30 minutes of my next find I was having a conversation with my mom, who was with us, that I would love to find some Hobbie Holly plates to hang on Ava's wall. Low and be hold, check out my next finds.

And would you believe these were also priced at 50% off! I guess these were just meant to be mine.

I had one more sale to catch this weekend. A co-worker of mine and her husband own a nursery and a gift shop that is going out of business. And I landed these.......

For now they have found a home on my moms mantle .....only until we move back in our house! I can't wait to fill these with some seasonal goodies........leaves, pine cones, Christmas balls, fruit, oh the endless possibilities.

I can't go without leaving you with some pictures of my true little beauty!

She rode around the entire mall like this! Oh how I love little girls and all of the accessories that come with them.

This is why Ava loves our time at Grandma and Pops' house. The toy closet. Need I say more!

Sitting in the toy closet!

Me and my beauty!

............and me and my other beauty! Yes he is beautiful, okay ....I'll say handsome!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Thrifty Day!

Yesterday I got to go on one of my treasure hunting adventures. David and I ventured out to the small town of Rockdale, Texas. There they were having a "city wide garage sale." We got to do this without our little Ava in tow. Thanks to my mom. Don't get me wrong I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to be with Ava but garage sales and two yr olds don't exactly mix very well. Although, she has been on her fair share of thrifting adventures with me.

Besides getting to add to my collection of treasures, the greatest treasure was getting to enjoy my husbands great company. I love that we can do these things together and just enjoy the beauty of being together anywhere, ....even looking through a bunch of junk....and we saw plenty of that. The things people try to sale, and the things people will buy never fails to amaze me.

Anyway, I must say I am very pleased with the treasures that we found!

I was able to walk away with a beautiful antique wicker table with a beautiful solid wood top for only $15.00. I knew this table was gem when I saw it. I can just imagine it on a future back patio, or in a sunroom.... I will have one of these one day!

I also got two marvelous gold frames. I have been on a quest to find some of these! I have a beautiful bronze "A" that will look beautiful in the center of one of these. I paid only $5.00 for the large ones and the smaller one I got for free. Can't beat that!

I picked up a few mason jars for $1.00....these will look stunning with some fresh cut flowers in them....I am thinking hydrangeas. ......And last but not least, I got an old jug that has been converted into a lamp. ( the cord just needs to be pulled back through and the top screwed back on.) This was my most expensive purchase of the day ringing in at $20.00, paired with the small frame. I tried to barter the price down but the seller was not budging, so I gave in a paid $20.00. The jug itself is probably worth around $50.00-$75.00. ( i need to do some research on the markings!)

I can't wait to use these treasures in our home......when we move back in! Until then they will be tucked away safely in our storage unit.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My thrifty finds!

I have had this love for "thrifting" for a while now! This meaning, I love waking up at 5:30 in the morning on Saturday to hit Garage Sales and Estate Sales. I also shop resale shops and Goodwill very frequently. I love the mystery of what I just might happen to find at a great price.

I love it when someone walks into my home and says "that is so neat where did you get that," and I am able to say at a Garage Sale for $1.00! It is such an accomplished feeling. Some of my most favorite things in my house are from garage sales. Right before we moved I bought an adorable pink "chippy" paint rocking horse for Ava at a garage sale for $3.00, come to find out the lady that was it selling told me her dad made it for her when she was a little girl. OMG how in the world could she sell it! I even asked her if she was sure she wanted to sell it, and sure enough she said YES. You would be surprised at the things I find. It is truly a treasure hunt.

Under our current living circumstance ( remember we live in a camper! ), my heart has been torn from the love of decorating my home! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to decorate my home. It is not uncommon for me to go to bed rearranging my house in my head, and thinking of my next project.

David has a love hate relationship with this infatuation of mine.....but he greatly enjoys having a comfy, functional, and beautiful home! It is not uncommon for him to keep me company during my "thrifting" adventures. He's the best. He never questions why I am buying what it is I am buying he just smiles and nods.

Anyhow, today while Ava and I ran a few errands I stopped by a resale shop that is in our new neck of the woods. I have been eyeing this place for a while, and I have not stopped because well, we are living in a camper not a house, so decorating has been on the back burner. BUT the other day I came to the conclusion that my thrifting adventures did not have to stop. We will be in our home again in less than a year, so I can just keep buying treasures for our home and add them to my storage unit full of our others treasures from our home. Yes, this is a sickness I tell you, a sickness!

Anyway here are the treasures that I picked up today!

One is a metal clasp glass jar that says flour ( at $1.99), and the other is a white wire vase ( also $1.99!) There were many neat things in this shop amongst the piles of junk......I guess junk just kind of comes with the territory! .....You just gotta have a good eye and look beyond the junk, and sometimes you can even find potential in a junky old piece of furniture......paint is amazing I tell ya!

I passed up a very cute milk class pitcher with a matching set of cups ( $6.00for the set) and two original large mason jars with the metal clasp top at $6.00 each! ( great deal for original mason jars, I have seen the small ones priced at 12.00 each!) ....I only passed these up because I was having to carry Ava , these stores are not exactly stroller friendly! I may just have to go back.

By the way I can't wait, we are fast approaching Roundtop!! If you don't know what this is google it! We go every Oct and April. It is a junkers bliss! Miles and miles of stuff.....yep just stuff! I LOVE IT!!