Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday {DaDdy}

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband that a woman could ask for, and to the most amazing Daddy that any little girl would be lucky to have! You make us sooo happy!

You are the best company to have ......even when deer hunting!
You are our beloved fryer of our turkeys

You are the best partner to have ......especially when competing in the Diamond Dash.
You have the best shoulders to ride on!

You do the BEST gorilla dance at Rainforest Cafe!

We love you sooo much and we hope your day is as special as you are to us!!! Thanks for making our days complete! 
David,I love you so very much and I hope we will have many more birthdays to celebrate. I pray many blessings over your life for this next year. I love you.  ~Kayla

*We had to celebrate Daddy's birthday last night and this weekend since he as the the fire station working hard for us today!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday david.what a sweet, loving,beautiful post about a very special husband and daddy..GOD has blessed us dearly with such a loving caring man...this is one great family that is "loved" by pops, grandma, and papa dearly. GOD blessings to the Aldape family.

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday Tio! You are such a sweet uncle to all of our Kramer girls. They love spending time with you. You are also a pretty swell husband and daddy too.

Hope your birthday was terrific!

The Kramers