Sunday, February 12, 2012

{It's A........}

Friday we had a fun gender reveal session to reveal the gender of the next baby Aldape!!

We met our talented photographer ( my sis!) at the local carnival to get some fun pics of the BIG reveal! Ava got the privilege of opening the top secret envelope and being the first to know the big secret.

Ava broke the news to us using pink OR blue cotton candy!! She was absolutely precious, and such a big girl. And she is pretty smitten that she will have a little sister to share life with!

I love all of these fun and special pictures we captured to celebrate this sweet baby girl! (Thanks sis) AND we are beyond excited to welcome a new little pink bundle of joy into our family.

This picture perfectly captures how big sis feels about having a little sister! 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on another little girl! My brother just had his 4th daughter and last one and this is my sister-in-law's 3rd daughter.



Grace said...

What a blessing! Those girl genes are strong on yall's side!! :-) Love each one of you and I know this new little one will capture my heart just like her big sis does.

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

yay!!! sisters are the sweetest! i know the next aldape girl will be beautiful and precious! can't wait to meet her!